Our Team

Our success relies on the success of our people. Showtime commitment to our employees and members is to S.O.A.R: We will be Safe, Organized, Attentive, and Reliable.


Charlotte Robinson

Chief Executive Officer

“Throughout my work life experiences I have always believed in treating others with the highest level of human decency. Given the opportunity to lead a thriving company, I am able to explore that dream by ensuring that everyone I touch is reminded of their greatest life worth.”

Shawn Hutchinson

Chief Fianacial Officer

“The ability to be innovative will determine ones success in life or business. As a company, we’re only as good as our people. In order to experience unprecedented growth and profit, we must continue to encourage innovation and reward our greatest asset; the people.”

Management Team

Creshika Wise-

Operations Manager

Eriq Sumpter

SRS Trainer/Club Assist Supervisor

Ernest Moore

Fleet Manager


Dispatch Supervisor

Gregory Cannon

Fleet Supervisor

Centwan Williams


Our Mission

The Magnate Group Inc, is committed to serving our communities with integrity while providing unparalleled member service in all aspect of our business with a vibrant spirit.

Our Core Values


Our Core Values

  • To serve our partners relentlessly
  • To genuinely enjoy our work and life
  • To put our employees and members first
  • To operate with the highest level of integrity
  • To be fearless in our ambition
  • To be fair and honest
  • To be charitable

Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines the rules and principles intended to assist employees and leadership in making decisions about their conduct in relation to the company. The Code is based on the fundamental understanding that we are all responsible for conducting business ethically and adhering to the law, rules and regulations everywhere we operate.

Code of Conduct starts with our leadership and is a shared obligation among our management team. As a company we stand strong on the fundamental of integrity. Integrity- is simply to do the right thing all the time, even when no one is looking.

Our members expects us to operate with the highest level of ethical behavior and integrity when entrusting us to attend to their emergency needs. This we will do without failing, there is a zero tolerance for all unethically behavior when providing emergency service to our members.


During this unprecedented time in modern history, we are faced with a pandemic like never seen before. Our ability to navigate during so much uncertainty requires us to play any role that will assist our community to keep moving forward. AAA/Showtime have team up with FODOC to transport medical equipment and other items to hospitals, medical centers, and homes based on the need of the people of our community.

Awards & Recognition

Showtime creates an atmosphere that makes it a pleasure to work there. And so, we take no short cut to express our appreciation to our teammates who consistently delivers exceptional members service. While promoting a healthy impact on the community we serve daily.

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226 N McDonough Street, Jonesboro, Georgia 30236

(678) 782 3157 or (470) 891 8527